About Us

IndigoSat Global Limited launched in 2015 to expand the customer service offerings in the UK and Europe based off the success and demand for such services via IndigoSat (South Africa)(Pty) Ltd.

IndigoSat Global Limited is a satellite communication provider delivering services globally with customers operating these worldwide, using GSM and Satellite based systems to track the various asset types.

IndigoSat SA, Originally formed in 2002 in South Africa as Telematic Technologies, IndigoSat was incorporated in Australia in 2007 in order to provide a platform from which to launch the Indigo One Satellite Tracking System. Re-engineered from the extremely successful GT101, GT300 and Isikhova systems from Telematics, the Indigo One was manufactured in Australia and certified by the Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA).

IndigoSat has enjoyed rapid growth and currently tracks over 1000 aircraft.

IndigoSat released a range of  portable and semi-portable tracking products in 2012 along with the new Web-Based tracking platform “MiTrac” which gave end users the flexibility to access tracking data from any PC/MAC/IPAD along with the mobi version for Smartphones.